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okolnir asked: HEY HELLO i read your cintiq woes and I'm sorry to hear the trouble ;-; if you dont mind me intruding, I personally prop it up at 75-80*, and a little further into the desk so I can rest my elbow on the desk, the pinkie end of my knuckle against the cintiq, and maneuver the pen using my first 3 fingers only, with the knuckle as my pivot. or for longer lines, my elbow as pivot. I feel like this would be a relaxed stance since very few muscles are actually involved in maintaining grip. good luck!


thank you so much Shilin! I actually haven’t tried this yet but it seems like an excellent idea (Ive had mine right on the edge of my desk so I’m sure that’s contributing to the soreness I’ve been getting in my forearm area) 
I’ll probably let my arms rest up for a little while and give that a try before I give up on the cintiq all together, because I really do love it and wish with all my heart that I could use it without ruining my arms! I’m also publishing it so that anyone else that’s dealt with similar problems might try it this way!

I’m going to reblog this here too since it’s posted, I hope it might be helpful for anyone who is fighting a downhill battle with their cintiqs or are looking for ideas on how to deal with such a big chunk of metal on their regular size desk! I’ve also changed my setup earlier this year since I took down my gargantuan desk and I want to share my current setup: (please ignore my tetris keyboard)

I feel that putting the cintiq up this way, rather than flat on the desk or at a lower (<45*) incline, saves space and prevents the user from hunching over the cintiq to induce neck/back/shoulder strain, as well as minimize your contact with the cintiq screen (for heat complaints), all the while still allowing you to rest the weight of your arms on multiple points, just as you normally would be able to if you were drawing on paper. when I need to draw pages on paper, I still have enough drawing room by shoving the keyboard in.


Photo: FD Sedano Arts

Veloce: BloodyCoffee/VikkiKafei

Blackbird: Fai-tality

Got our Carciphona photos back from when we very hurriedly debuted BlackBird and Veloce~! (And we were super shippy all day haha) 

We made sososooo many mistakes but thankfully we’ll be able to remake things (I just got a new wig that will be more accurate to Vel’s sephiroth hair lmao) and then we can reshoot with more accurate versions of these costumes. Also maybe next time I wont be so stiff @_@

Thankyou for writing Carciphona Shilin *^* Updates get my week started well <3

amazing cosplay of fancy veloce and blackbird!! everything is so amazing, the sash, the dress, the bandages, bracelet, boot armour WHAT KIND OF SORCERY DO YOU GUYS USE TO DO THIS??? ;___________; one day I’ll be at the right con to see these cosplays in person but for now I’ll just die happily on my tumblr dash

Thank you soooo much bloodycoffee and Fai-tality for cosplaying my babies ;___; everyone go look at their cosplay fb pages!!!

also let us not forget these gems right here



aaand that’s the intro- Hope you enjoyed it so far!!
Updates will be spaced apart every month or two (the amount of time it takes for me to get scene-long chunks of pages done) 
By the way, I’ll be at SPX next weekend with mini-volumes of this comic available, so if you’re going, please do come by and say hi. I’ll be at table B-13!

NEW COMIC HYPE, check out quicksilver by cryptoart !!

happy bday grace!! your work this year on crazy flush are super exciting and motivating, can’t wait to see you arting on turbo with your new cintiq if that’s even possible on your already turbo art

I would finish this but I feel too guilty to because of how much nami i would have drawn

why do aram gods never give me nami ):

Next finished piece work in progress! going to change his full name to Keritzel Edeus in the next carciphona book 1 reprint, hopefully I remember to correct all the instances where his full name is mentioned or it’s going to be an interesting reading experience for some people LOL

Keri is a (completely useless and not nearly as fancy) character from my webcomic, Carciphona

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Thanks as always for your support and I’ll continue making art you guys might like c:

The shield is the mightiest by shilin

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sketches at fanexpo put together! all the recent/upcoming fancy veloce cosplays make me want to work on this outfit more but I just didn’t have any opportunity to ): I’m always conflicted about this outfit because it’s the look I want to go for, but I can’t get it to look right so I’m stuck perpetually changing things around

2,140 plays Home Shilin

some random short song I improvised a while ago, I wish I had the time to make a more polished version of it but I don’t ): this one makes me think of veloce finally returning to her homeland that lays in ruins; even though there is a quiet sadness, it’s still filled with a sense of gladness to be home

Obsession by shilin

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I finished this a while back but never posted it. I liked this drawing a lot, I hope you guys like it too ^^
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I’m gonna be at Otakuthon in Montreal from August 22 to 24 (next weekend at the Palais des Congres de Montreal! I’ll be in the guests area on the far right side of the hall along the wall, the opposite end of the entrance, next to the artist alley. I don’t know which table I’m at yet and I don’t know if I’ll find out soon enough before I leave to make a post?? but ALL THE GUESTS ARE IN ONE STRAIGHT LINE you can’t miss me if you just walk down and look… hopefully…………. I’ll be at table 503 right next to the exit, and My friend Orpheelin will be at 520!

As a guest, I will also be doing a PANEL with Orpheelin!! this will be the first panel I’ve ever done at a con and I’m scared no one is going to be there since the panel title is set to “Q&A with International Comickers" which is really vague and ambiguous, So please come help make it so that we won’t be talking to like 3 people for 40 minutes hahaha orz

Orpheelin and I will both talk briefly about ourselves and our careers and how we led up to it, and then as the title suggests, we’ll be taking questions and answering them. So if you’re too scared to ask me something one on one because you’re worried that I’ll be arrogant and shit on you and get away with it for some reason, you can bring your questions to the panel instead!

Anyway the panel will be on Friday at 7pm at Conférence 6! see you there :D