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New Things!


My order for Shilin’s Carciphona book 4 arrived today! I’m excited to see what happens next. The packaging is so pretty, I don’t want to take the book or card out yet.

Carciphona Vol. 4 by Shilin Huang

I’ve purchased and read the first three volumes and I like the flow of the stories and art. Shilin has developed a great sense for presentation. I’ve always admired her perseverance and style. It…

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aw thank you for your super nice comment! I’m glad that you like my work and that it motivates your own :D GO GO GO


I have received Carciphona #4 !

thank you so much for your support ;v; im so honoured

Is it just me?


Am I the only one who feels like it’s a terrible, exploitative thing to get 30+ guest artists for a book that’s being sold for personal gains?

There is no mention of a charity and about 80% of the work is guest art, meaning the guest artists are the selling point. I am willing to bet that the guests didn’t realize this would be the case. I personally have nothing against having guests, but only if they’re an added bonus and not the bulk of the book. Moreover, the guest artists weren’t paid (aside from a copy of the book/goodies) and profits probably aren’t going to be divvy’d amongst these 30+ artists.

Essentially, the “main artist” is going to make thousands of dollars off these artists.

The most frustrating part of this is that the contributing artists are likely going to let it slide on the basis of preserving the relationship with the “main artist.” To them, it’s not worth the scuffle since they only contributed 1 piece each. In fact, I expect some backlash from the contributors for even bringing this to light. But I don’t care at this point, even if the artists I respect hate me for this.

This is such a blatant manipulation of the artist culture I love so much. I can’t support this project because I support the contributing artists.

If this were committed by a random entrepreneur, it would NEVER be considered okay, so why is it okay if it’s a popular artist?



The wip and the finished version of my fanart of Blackbird and Veloce from the manga Carciphona by Shilin. okolnir at Tumblr.

You can read her manga here: http://www.inkblazers.com/manga-and-comics/Carciphona/detail-page/477?lang=en

eeeeee they’re soo pretty ;-; thank you so much!!


My tools of the trade.
Adorable Alien Cat bag of holding is from Ellen Alsop’s store elliencat.storenvy.com

makeup bag headcanon


The Small Town Witch artbook is going to have a guest art section, and they’re too good we can’t not show them off. Here is a couple of them supplied by AMAZING ART FRIENDS Justin and Shilin!


Jayd posted my guest art entry for the Small Town Witch art book that is part of their kickstarter stretch goal!! THERE IS ONLY 8 HOURS LEFT TO FUND THEIR FINAL STRETCH GOAL OF A RADIO DRAMA FOR THIS WICKED STORY AND IT’S SO PAINFULLY CLOSE, please go help them make it a reality here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1762462300/small-town-witch-an-illustrated-magic-noir-story :D

How to sketch up a city quickly ^^ CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE. This is a rough re-creation of this sketch since there was interest in how I did it without pulling my hair off, and I wanted to share it in case people just need to get a rough cityscape in photoshop quick without the hassle and without the help of other programs like google sketchup.

Obviously this looks very rough it was meant to be and also because I made it in a real hurry, so please excuse some of the ridiculous looking buildings and other illogical appearances. to create more precise cityscapes using this method, simply stop using the brush tool and use line tool/polygonal lasso tool—even using the brush tool and holding down shift is fine—instead to create precise, straight lines. The slower you do this process the more accurate your final piece will be, however the premise of this method is that if you want/need to do it fast, you can.

good luck :D



okaaay I got impatient and wanted to show off what Ink it labs did for me, that’s how much i liked them. I liked them so much i wanted to write a review for them fast LOL. Basically my goal is to be what i wish i had before i ordered.

So just some vital things to get out of the way first: The art is all vector made by me and using their spot colors based off their palette, they are NOT RASTER. Here is a review with raster images. I opted for candy gloss and extra white layer, you’ll see why if you click through the images!

I am just really pleased with the end result tbh, there’s not much I can say that the photos don’t already say for me. The colors are true to their palette (which i immediately put against white paper to simulate the extra white layer) and the plastic is clear and cut cleanly. Any colors that look crappy are kinda my fault?? They don’t have every color under the rainbow and you can send a raster image / use your own colors instead but i stuck with the palette. The template files were exhaustively thorough and their customer service was very sweet and helpful, even helping me correct a few cut lines because i made them way too sharp by accident XD. Their production time is between 3-10 days and they only ship with priority mail so they were speedy as well.

They also gave me a whoole bunch of wooden samples with various coatings to show me what the options were, i’ve taken the liberty of photographing all of them with labels so you may evaluate them yourself. 

  • If you are wondering about the extra white layer note that the charms w/o the extra white layer the colors are inherently translucent, note especially the speech bubble on wrex and tali’s drone. Tali’s Chatika drone is double printed but because i intentionally left out the extra white layer printing (yes which you can do with their layer system!) it is translucent to mimic the in game look of the attack drones! It’s a very neat effect that i think can be used creatively to show magic or auras or anything else you can think of :D
  • Re: Candy gloss you can easily see the difference in the wooden pictures. I think this is up to your preference, it seems to smooth out the colors a bit but no gloss is also kind of rustic looking and has it’s own appeal. Especially on wood, it’s definitely not a minus there depending on the feel and mood you’re going for :). Note you CAN do “spot gloss” with the gloss layers, again it is highly customizable. For example if i wanted i could have only put gloss on their outlines or only their heads or eyes etc. etc. Be creative with the options they afford you!

I hope these photos will be helpful to artists and other people looking into ink it labs. All in all, I am very pleased with their service and quality and hope I can order more in the future with other designs and will try to use their layers creatively! <3 <3 

If you have any questions that you think i can an answer as a customer feel free to send me an ask but also feel free to e-mail them, again they are really nice :D


now I want to do bigger clear acrylic ones too >w<

(shattered is gonna be at anime boston so if you go you should buy stuff from her!! >:3)

quick therapeutic sketch


if I could get a dollar for every time someone tells me “oh I didn’t know YOU were the artist! I just took your art off google and used it for my phonecase/sticker/stream/whatever”

it really boggles my mind that people try to sell my art as their own too… like wtf dude. i can’t imagine what its like at a convention, do people just seriously nod and say “yeah I drew that”???


thats why in a lot of conventions, especially conventions that care less about the authenticity of who they put in the artist alley, people have to ask repeatedly “you’re the artist? you drew it? you drew the whole thing?” And let’s not even talk about what the actual merchants in dealer’s room do

I’ve overheard enough conversation of people walking pass the alley saying “these are just all merchants” or people looking at stuff on my table thinking I’m just the cashier, or more outrageously when people ask if I’m the artist, then ask me about the medium, and when I say computer they’d just assume it means taking stuff off the internet and putting it together, forcing me to actually say yes I PAINTED this on the computer with a tablet pen

it depends on the con though cus most anime cons are airtight about only allowing in artists they can verify. Some bigger, non anime cons just take your name and your money and doesn’t care who actually uses your badge and sits behind your table


Carciphona Cosplay at Leipzig Book Fair 2014

Felsenkeller as Veloce Visrin

Me as Blackbird

Photographies by Miss DeZzibELL

After this beautiful Artwork by Shilin

I’m so happy we finally did these Cosplays! ;//; We wanted to do this for almost 2 years but never got the time to work on the costumes… And we still want to build the weapons from the artwork and do another shooting. Hopefully this will be soon/this summer~ <3

Thank you for beeing my Veloce, Felsi! You’re the best! <3

OMG WTF THIS IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!! thank you so much for cosplaynig them and doing such a good job with my ridiculous designs ;__________; blackbird’s hair is so perfect and both of their leg armour things are so accurate and omg I’m so happy to see them cosplayed by you guys ;-; i’M SO MOTIVATEDT O DRAW THEM NOW BUT I CANT UGH i’ll just keep staring at this pls excuse me

Make smaller goals

I’ve been getting a lot of questions these days from those setting out to do something big, in the form of “I want to publish a comic and I don’t know where to start” or “I want to make a living with art and I don’t know where to start”

It is certainly logical to not know where to start since making a comic and succeeding in making art into your career are huge tasks that involve a LOT of steps, steps that are not necessarily linear. The problem of making such a general goal like “I want to publish and sell my own comic” is most people think “ok I gotta write a story”, then think “fuck how do I write”, or “ok I’m going to draw some pages”, then think “fuck I can’t draw” and feel stuck.

The solution to that is just to make smaller goals.

If you go to google.com and type in your goal and you can’t find a clear answer, your goal is too big, vague and general. “How do I publish a comic” won’t give you anything helpful unless you already know how to complete the step of “draw a comic”. “How do I make a living from art” won’t give you anything useful unless you already know how to complete the step of “create a diverse portfolio catering to the company you’re applying for”. On the contrary, “how do I do 3 point perspective” or “what file format do I need for offset paperback printing” will give you exactly the answer you need for the goals of learning perspective or printing a book.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start to “learn to draw”, make a smaller and specific goal, “learn to draw a specific thing”, “learn to copy photographs”, “lean to draw young children in a specific style”. If you’re still lost about how to do that, make an even smaller goal of “learning photoshop basics” or “learning lighting and shading” Keep doing this until you know exactly what to look for to get to that one small goal. Focus on that and try your damnest to disspell self deprecating (aka absolutely useless and unproductive and most of the time untrue) thoughts like “it is taking me 2 years to learn to draw and I still need to do ___ _____ ____ and ____ to get to the my end goal, whereas other people just do it so easily, I’m not meant for this”.

Smaller goals do not mean settling for less. Smaller goals do not mean defeatism. Smaller goals do not mean you don’t have what it takes and you should give up while the time is still young. Smaller goals mean clearer vision and better plans.

It’s so easy to make grand final goals and it’s so easy to feel like making a minor goal of “being able to fluently draw the male anatomy” is too insignificant or settling for too little or not cool enough sounding when being asked what your goals are. But in the end you will only be able to work effectively towards the goals you actually are capable of logically seeing a path to.

(this applies to everything by the way, not just art, you’ll notice you already do this for basically everything else in life, it’s just that it’s so much easier for people to feel helpless against these situations when it comes to art)