Carciphona Chapter 12: Old Knots (VII)

"Meron lays near death, surrounded by old friends and rivals."

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WIP of a diana vs leona drawing that is supposed to be the counterpart of the illust I did where leona comes out victorious. I kinda feel bad for diana cus she gets shafted all the time in drawings as the loser or rebel/baddie (OR SOME BLUSHING TSUN omg I hate that) even though she is just as badass as leona, so I planned to make a reverse version even when I was working on the leona drawing. I kept putting it off cus I never really had a good idea, but I guess I thumbnail better on paper or something because I finally came up with something I liked while at NYCC. So this is happening!!


I just received freaking Shilin Huang's Carciphona manga (two volumes) in the mail sent from my girlfriend / Michi for my belated birthday gifts!! I’M SO ECSTATIC!! Shilin is my favorite artist since middle school and she even wrote the gift was from Michi beside her signature on the inside page I literally freaked the fuck out.. I’m just really happy. ( ///A///)


I love you, Michi!

YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE happy belated bday!!


Happy (belated) Birthday~~.

It was 2 days ago?

Sorry I’m late, I had no idea—until the gifts popped up, and at the time, I had no idea what to draw. /shot. 

But here’s Veloce (if it looks like her -____-;;.)

Drew it in about an hour. /Was trying to go for a simpler style, with sharper lines. <-Instead of the pencil tool, I usually use the solid watercolor brush. 

BEFORE this, I tried drawing a different one, but I butchered her so bad. It shall never see the light of day. MUAHAHAHAHA. /shot. 

Anyway, I hope you had a great day <3~~.

ahhh thank you ;__; yeah it was 2 days ago it’s not my bday anymore and you guys keep spoiling me ;__; I had a great bday! and all the pretty drawings made it even better!


I dont know how to explain myself but BBXVEL SKYPE CONVOS? No one changes their clothes even after two weeks? (gross learn hygiene u nasties)

Thats what happens when you hit the booze too hard kids. You get perved on by dirty, two toned, loser assassins. Also hangover.


I promise we’re shooting actual stuff soon hahaha  (getreadyforfanserviceehehehehehehehehe)

LMAO YOU TWO ARE SILLY (these are the people with the selfies from not long ago) yes veloce died for 2 weeks without bb there to do laundry and cook and clean the house cus shes too high class for that shit


A late birthday thing for okolnir

because I’m a dumb fangirl let’s be honest for like, 5 seconds here. I would have done this sooner but school has been kicking my ass and I only just found the time for this.

I normally don’t do birthday drawings for people I don’t know on a personal level, but Shilin in an artist who I draw a lot of inspiration from. I actually seriously debate quitting art like, once a month and her art is one of the things that inspires me to keep drawing.

On a side note two toned hair is really hard and I have an even deeper respect for her being able to do it so easily now. Like, damn. I’d also like so apologize for her arm/hand. I don’t know what went wrong there-

thank you for the bday drawing even though you normally don’t do them ;_; I’m really happy my art keeps you going!! and you did such a good job on the hair too, it’s great when you feel like something is hard to do because it means your goal is a much higher quality than what you’re capable of, which means the improvement ahead of you will be nice and big!


(belated?) Happy birthday, okolnir!

I see people posting up gift art and I had no idea an WHAT KIND OF FAN AM I?

But like seriously, your art is amazing and it really inspires me to get better everyday, (your landscapes are amazing yes). I’ve got all your manga and they are beautiful on my shelf and I wish you all the best with Carciphona because it is a pleasure to look forward to every Monday. 

thank you for the bday wishes and the beautiful drawing ;v; i’m really glad you like my story and got the books, i hope it’s helpful in furthering what you do!!


i wanted to do something for shilin’s birthday but i have an essay due tomorrow so i just did a quick thing

thank you for the sketch ;-; veloce will bless your essay with an amazing mark


I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings about hongkong’s current protests, especially some posts about the protest on social media written in english gearing towards the liberal young crowd of the internet who have previously supported other occupy movements and liberation protests. I find that those posts about hongkong invoke more anger than sympathy from me because what it lacks in historical consideration, it makes up with a lot of emotional romantic idealism that is actually more toxic when practiced in real life than the institution they’re trying to fight. I want to share this chinese letter here because I actually feel more in harmony with his opinions. I don’t agree with all his points, but I feel like the writer’s stance is one that, despite opposing the protests, do not sound like a protest-hating communist-party-loving narrow minded argument bashing the efforts of those who want the best for hongkong, but rather a plea for everyone to think of the past, the present, and for the future of hongkong, and to be down to earth and patient for the sake of the future of both hongkong and china.


Happy Birthday Shilin!! I can’t believe it’s your birthday again already, wtf! I got you a Blackbird last year, so I figured I’d get you a Veloce this time. I wish you a fabulous day and a fabulous rest of the year with life and comics :)

YEAH DON’T WE GET OLD FAST cry ;_; thanks so much for another drawing and of HAPPY VELOCE no less!! and thank you for your blessings im sure the gods are too scared of your bara to not give me a good rest of the year by your command


to okolnir  OvO 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I always miss this day! BUT NOT TODAY! So i drew you blackbird, traditionally with Copic markers. But one of my copic decided to dry up so I digitally added the light grey (well not like you could see the light grey from the scan anyways) I am so not use to lining with an actual lining pen either. I usually line with a pencil but copic so LOL no can do with a pencil unless I want lots of smugs. 

You are really an inspiration to me! Thank you for being the best you can be! 

I love all your characters~! They are all perfect and pretty~! My favorite is Blackbird out of the female characters UvU

But yup! Hope you enjoy your birthday~!

thank you so much for the drawing of blackbird (omg you went through the trouble of drawing it traditionally with copics IM SORRY IT CAUSED THE DEATH OF ONE OF THEM) and the bday wishes! I hope my stuff will continue to be inspirational and motivational for your own work :D

OMG NOOO/ Happy birthday Shilin!!!


Its okolnir's birthday and I haven't finished the Blackbird picture yet!!! DX 


I haven’t even scanned it in yet!! I knew her birthday was coming up but I didn’t know it was today!! Noooooo!! I had a set of Carciphona chibis to color too XD DARN ME AND MY PROCRASTINATION

Anyways, happy birthday to a true inspiration and artist, Shilin Huang! :D May you continue act as a beacon of encouragement to young and old artists alike!!

thank you for the bday wishes!! don’t worry about drawing me anything, your thoughts are enough ;v;