baby cal :)


This waaaaas something that nevar happened so I finished IT MYSELF >.> end of that DOTDOT

ANYHOW this is made for Shilin , her character Veloce from 

its bit different than what it was suppose to be as I did some things to it :S

Thanks for being inspiration! PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE ONE! , 

so how about that pair of legs ?

ps. Vel is always so fun to draw

thank you she’s gorgeous ;-; this summer is fancy vel summer


Finally got to Otakon!!! Veloce is falling apart as fast as I can fix it but I’m really glad I finished it regardless :’)

fancy veloce is at otakon!! SEE HER FOR ME YOU GUYS

work in progress of my leona/diana pic, I can feel the warmth from the colours I used in this crop enveloping me!

jk it’s just my cintiq

WIP - some stuff I got done yesterday. I wonder if I’ll have enough time to finish the 2 pictures I wanted to finish by otakuthon at this rate?

video of a sketch of blackbird I did a while back ^^

so sometimes I just completely have no idea what im doing at the moment and I just have to put that shit down and do the whole thing again from scratch another time; now that I look at it, the first version is like wow wtf happened to the colours?? WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I’m so glad I decided to colour again from scratch because everything makes so much more sense now

i struggled a lot with this picture and I’m continuing to struggle waugh


Veloce’s dress is done! Well, the sewing is - still have to put the gold decals on ^^; the back is my favorite part, the train extends about a foot on the ground when I wear it. Next is ARMOR!

this is soooooooo prettyyy ahHHHHH

so this is how it’ll be



Imagined Realms: Book 1

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first issue of Imagined Realms, an annual art publication featuring positive and diverse representations of women in fantasy and science fiction. Each book will feature 10 exclusive and new illustrations created by me specifically for the book.  

Available for purchase are the printed books, 6”x8” and 11”x14” print packs that have all 10 illustrations, limited edition fine art giclees, and a downloadable process video showing my digital painting method. 

Please check it out and spread the word! 

I’m definitely backing ♥

aughhh the book is going to be wirebound that’s so unfortunate…………….. I wish the book was perfect bound instead ): BUT I CANT TURN AWAY SIGNED BOOK FROM JDILLON

work in progress!