more than half a year later I can finally work on pages again ;-;

some refs for everyone’s wardrobe in book 5


I havent painted a background in a longass time 


you guys can buy a copy of this at the print shop in the art room/gallery momiji at anime north this weekend!! you can bring it to my table if you want her to sign it too :D

Giant riven for anime north art show

英雄难过美人关 | even heroes cant overcome/can be ruined by the temptation of seduction

My gf, friends and I will all be at Anime North this weekend at Comic Market!! I’ve mentioned before I am at the pro plaza instead but apparently pro plaza is just tables inside the comic market this year HAHA… we’ll be at the far back island (entrance I believe is at the top of this map) at PP08, G5 and G6, pls don’t forget about us ;v;

I will also be selling some riven prints through the art show store, Gallery Momiji! because pro plaza forbids me from selling fanart and I had promised that I will sell Riven at AN, I put my riven prints with the gallery store (basically a print shop) instead at the art show. So if you’re looking for one, go into Gallery Momiji (should be located near the comic market) and look for the gallery store!

HAPPY BDAY MY BFF SEPIA!!! thank you for always being such a patient understanding friend and listening to/helping me with all the bs I dump on you, I’m really grateful for everything ;___; i hope this new year will be filled with lots of love and reward which is what you deserve and keep being an amazing person!!



So school/ transport fees are starting to  kick my ass so I’m gonna try the commission thing P:

Painted style:

  • Full body: Colour $100, B/W $70
  • Waist up: Colour $75, B/W $50
  • Portrait: Colour $50, B/W $35

Normal Style:

  • Full body: Colour $50, B/W $35
  • Waist up: Colour $35, B/W $25
  • Portrait: Colour $20, B/W $15


  • Full body: $25
  • Waist up: $15
  • Portrait: $10

10% OFF ALL PRICES for League of Legends requests cus I love league ahuehauehaue


All images on solid colour background. For additional characters, multiply price by number.

If you’re interested please send me an email at with your:

  • Name
  • Paypal email
  • Commission type
  • picture references and/or detailed descriptions of your character(s)
  • Any special preferences you have about the image (pose,expression etc)


  • I accept paypal only and full payment before I start work on the commission
  • I will not draw: Anthropomorphic characters(just ears/tail is ok) or mech (transformers etc)
  • I can do revisions at the sketch stages and rough colour stage if needed, but changes after that will be an additional charge.
  • If I don’t feel comfortable with the request I reserve the right to decline a commission.
  • Please give 2 weeks for me to complete. If it’s late I can guarantee a 50% refund, or a full refund if I unexpectedly have to cancel.

Thanks :D

My girlfriend is taking commissions for the first time to help offset her expensive education costs! Please help her out if you’re looking for some quality art :D

I had this headcanon where veloce is very well off working an ordinary job for a distant relative who is rich and powerful, whereas blackbird is from a poor family whose place in society is stomped low because of the very corporation that distant relative belongs to. I pictured that normally they disregard their difference in background but blackbird never really made peace with the fact that veloce chooses to do nothing despite her wealth and position being from within the right family. blackbird has this subconscious belief that veloce is failing her responsibilities as someone who has the power to change so many lives for the better and whenever it slips, they’d have arguments that go nowhere since veloce thinks that it’s not her choice to be born in that family and therefore it’s none of her business. and weirin/keri just pull their hair out watching the same pointless argument happen over and over

hiatus week 2 bonus! I tried to sketch up a cover for a second art book, but in the end I recycled an idea from another pic that I wanted to finish but never did because it was mildly inappropriate )’:

I like the original pose but I meant for this cover to complement my first art book cover and that pose is a little too similar to veloce’s ): i think this one works better


Scott Eaton’s Bodies in Motion Reference Library

One of my all time favorite anatomy references is this handy dandy little webpage here.  More than 750+ male and female photos in sequence?  check.   Outstanding b/w lighting on all of them?  check.  All SFW images but enough skin showing where the muscle placement is?  check. Contortion, fencing, parkour and other poses included?  checkity-check.

All of that for free?  Aw yeah.

Go take a look around.  ;D 

(Source: silverfoxin)

Anime North contest entry 2014 by shilin

I forgot to post my entry this year for the anime north cover contest, done since I wasn’t lucky enough for the lottery! I didn’t win (congrats to sakimichan ;-;) but I booked a spot in pro plaza instead so I’ll still get to go, I just won’t be allowed to sell fanart/my art book there!

HOWEVER you CAN pick up those things at TCAF this weekend, held at the Toronto Reference Library! It’s a totally FREE event that is basically purely about creators and publishers and awesome comics and books and stuff, no bs dealers selling chinese bootleg things. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday on the second floor at table 252 with a dinky space :’D the weather should be super nice and warm, the meteorologists cast the rain away too JUST FOR THE EVENT so please come drop by if you’re thinking of spending your weekend downtown somewhere with movie/dinner plans afterwards!

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Since I COMPLETELY ran out of pages to post, I announced last week that I need to take a hiatus until I finish thumbnailing volume 5 (im at page 100 out of ~150!) and start drawing out volume 5 to post. Instead of just going dry on my readers I decided to post something every week anyway, it’s just that they’re not regular manga updates!

I didn’t intend to actually draw pages (of a different story) for the bonus, but anything goes for these bonuses and this is what I came up with this week. I was only going to draw the first panel and title it strangers but I ended up making a sequence for it I guess because I’m in a storyboarding mindset with all the thumbnailing. I like to think about what ifs with these two and one of them was what if they were strangers? whether positive or negative, they’ve always had close interaction with each other, they’re sort of inseparable in my head. It’s a little weird to think that some of the dearest people to us were once inconsequential to us and we could have easily let them remain so

come back next week for another bonus! most likely it will be something totally unrelated and different and probably not even a comic page

me and my gf making our way downtown and by downtown i mean bot


This is something I’ve considered doing for some time!

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of astrology, although it is kind of one how much I’ve been moonlighting as a legit astrologist! For the past year I’ve been offering birth chart readings on the side and by word of mouth, and now it’s a thing that I’m offering openly. It’s something that seems to help people, and it comes naturally to me, and now it has the added benefit of helping me out in a financial pinch (which I am in).

The short of it:

$20 for an email reading, and $50 for a reading by chat. If you’re interested, send an ask or email (chirachira @!

What I need from you:

Your birth date, birth city, and as accurate of a birth time you have. If you don’t have a birth time, I can only supply a partial reading.

What you’ll get:

I don’t do form analysis. Your reading will be typed out from beginning to end, so it’s all highly personalised. There are plenty of sites out there that can give you a free computerized form analysis of your astro chart — and that’s very fun too, actually! — but what I’m offering is my own personal view and breakdown of it.

Some FAQ below.

Read More

This woman is magical, I have experience first hand how insightful her readings really are and sometimes in a really scary way because of how accurate it is LOL. help her out AND get something in return that you can’t get anywhere else (without the recommendation of trustworthy friends anyway since there are so many versions of this service that are scams)