work in progress!


made a comic in homage to my wood 5 plays 

bigger version (but shittier quality)

I was gonna work on pages but

@sepiaru turned my nami into sailor v

I’m back from ax! thanks to everyone who came by, I was really happy to get a chance to finally meet all of you, those who I admire and those who i motivate, I hope you all enjoyed your stay and your company! cons exhaust me and give me conflicting feelings these days because the people I get to know there just keeps increasing and I’m not a social person at all. But at the same time, it’s the only time where I get to see people I’ve known for years who are on almost the same page as me in terms of work and interests, and it’s very much worth it. Hopefully see you guys again next year!

the shield's the mightiest

Come visit me at C12/13 at Anime Expo this thursday to sunday!!

veloce came across a town whose fate had already been decided. all that was left of the lives that once flourished there were their abandoned belongings littered all along the barren streets, their purposes abruptly removed from them. there was nothing more she could do for the town and its souls, so she picked up some of their belongings, and painted a picture of their peaceful life with them for the last time

New town


justicar syndra

Carciphona V pages 1-2 up!

CP is back in business and will be updating weekly again, starting with a fresh arc :D of course the story must start off in a depressing note with lots of unfortunate things happening as any legit shilin story would


CP homepage:

It’s your choice whether to let your misfortune burden you, or let it empower you

more than half a year later I can finally work on pages again ;-;

some refs for everyone’s wardrobe in book 5