ANIPAN.COM is a new art site in development! It’s in private beta mode right now so you have to sign up using an invitation code to try it. A lot of features are not released yet and there are some bugs, but EVERYTHING ELSE I’VE SEEN SO FAR I LOVE. It’s so easy to use and lazy people friendly LOLOL. I can’t wait for it to be fully released!!

A lot of artists are already there and actively posting, and you’d like to be part of the beta test and try the site out, leave a reply to this post expressing your interest, and have your ask box open, and I will send an invitation code your way! I only have 8 codes, first come first serve (: The only request I make is for you to try to use the site, whether by posting art or by leaving comments/checking out art, and send any bugs or positive/negative feedback to eddz, to help them with development of the site :D all gone! Thanks for your interest and sorry everyone who didn’t make it ;; There might be other chances of obtaining a code, but until then, godspeed on site release!

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Posted on Wednesday, 8 August
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