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Nowadays everyday on DA, Pixiv and everywhere else you can find countless number of people who draw amazingly well but you’ve never heard of. But back when the internet wasn’t so saturated with talent that is shadowed by established artists, whenever I did find someone I love it was a huge thing for me and I’d stalk the shit out of them. I rarely do that anymore because there are just so many impressive things I see that I can’t put a name to (ie. their Da/pixiv username just has nothing attached to it and they are usually drawing for some obsolete game that will die in 2 years) and they just pass by my head as that one awesome picture. Although a lot of them are better than all of these artists below, they can never take the place these artists have in my head as my idols. I feel bad saying this because it seems unfair, but unfairness is what makes standards, brings about change, help create motivation and goals and make the world go round!

Listed in no particular order:

SR : She was my hero ever since I saw some of her earliest RO stuff and still is. I used to follow her blogs but she kept moving between blogs, and now to her own bulletin system or something and I got sooooo confused so I don’t follow her progress anymore, but her painting style drawings were my greatest inspiration for a long time. If I had to choose the primary influence for my art, it would be her!

PARISTO : I discovered him after I played dungeon fighters and noticed how amazing the art is.  I don’t follow him online because I don’t think he has a website and that link took me a while to find just now (lol I’m stupid). The only thing I have of him is this gigantic DnF artbook Alex bought for me from Korea and the only reason I found out about him was his name signed on the poster that came with it. So he’s a really new artist in my list and I barely know anything about him/his work, but his style hits me so hard and the book/poster helped me remember him well.

MAGGI : I found her before I started playing Granado Espada I think, and it was after I started playing that I was happy to realize she worked for the game too. I don’t think she is a direct art influence, I just love the intricacy of her style and how… soft and elegant everything is? 

BARACHAN : I knew bara’s art forever but what I really love is her ability to make a design for just about every theme, artwork and situation and make it look soooo damn professional LIKE ALL HER MERCHANDISE AND STUFF. I stare at them for a long time and hope they’ll bleed into me someday LOL

AUROREBLACKCAT : I also followed Aurore’s stuff forever, but she started working on comics and having less art to post and I was sad ): I loved her windgate and pixie artstuff because they are fantasy and she designs them so well!

AGASANG : I don’t remember how I found her but she draws really nice dark pictures. I want to paint like her but I didn’t really try to figure out her style because I was too stupid to understand how painting worked back then

ENAYLA : I was realllllly inspired and tempted to try realism after seeing her stuff for a while but I realized I know nothing about art and that I would be giving up this hobby of mine to learning if I were to attempt, so I just oogled until she disappeared off the internet! I found her tutorials on her website (now hacked) really helpful in terms of helping me realize that making the most out of technology—commonly called cheating—is not cheating. Unfortunately something about her tutorials is that she only made it for the head of a character, and I can tell straight away from a lot of artists I come across that they followed her tutorials because they would draw astounding faces and heads/hair and then the rest look like shit. I wish she made a disclaimer somewhere for people to realize tutorials are supposed to help show you directions you could take to improve yourself, rather than an express guide for you to copy them step by step in order to arrive at an amazing end product.

KIDCHAN : Not an influence at all because she just thinks in a totally different way when it comes to illustrations and I am too dumb to be able to even feel the influence LOL. I wish I knew how to treat subjects so freely like she does in her art!

MICHELLE84 : I don’t know how I found her but I think I kept an eye on her at first because she had a character that looked like veloce, but (obviously) she drew much better than me HAHA. I loved the period when she figured her character painting drawing style out and I really really admired the way she painted, as well as her original fantasy designs (iridezria omgggg), but I am a little sad now because of her work for game companies that she doesn’t post personal art anymore, and most of the art she does post are forced into the generic north american gaming/comics style ):

TIV : I found her along with SR during my RO days. I don’t know why I like her and how she stayed in my head when I forgot the others, but I just love her art and the things she chooses to put in her illustrations! 

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